The Pros and Cons of Coffee That No One’s Told You

Coffee is obviously life.  And like anything in life, it comes with it’s pros and cons. But some of the pros and cons of coffee you’ve never heard before. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know that the plusses definitely outweigh the negs, but we’re totally not biased (ahem) and are gonna cover both.

Sure, coffee has a whole bunch of physiological benefits like increased energy, problem solving, memory and disease prevention but  there are also heaps more pros that no one’s told you before.  As for coffee cons, we mean, yeah, it’s not the perfect fit for some people with certain health issues, but there are way less downsides to coffee.  And to be honest, we had a hard time finding them!  

So let’s break it down now, our funk soul brothers.  Here are the pros and cons of coffee that no one’s told you, until now.


(i.e. the good stuff)

Gets you outta the office

Can you think of another drink that allows you to get outta the office for half an hour?  If you’re the office coffee catcher, you’re a genius.  Most of your colleagues can’t function without coffee, so not only do they now absolutely LOVE you, you also have a very legitimate excuse to step away from work and enjoy a breather all in the name of “supporting the team.”

Warms you up after a chilly surf

Early morning swell chasers know the power of coffee after a morning surf.  Salty hair, sandy skin, a quick rinse off and what do you reach for next?  Your piping hot brew.  Nothing tastes quite as good as a smooth, deliciously rich blend gulped down from your thermos while you watch the rolling sea.

Can improve dance moves

Coffee is not just a breakfast drink, y’know.  A fab side for lunch, afternoon tea, and hello, espresso martinis at night – duh!  We haven’t been able to find any official statistics, but in our experience, coffee definitely improves your jigging skills on the dancefloor by at least 93%.  Has anyone ever told you that before?

Lets you get to know your local barista

If you tell us that you’ve never had a crush on your local barista, you’re lying.  The majority of love stories begin in cafes and this is a totally (possibly) legit fact.  You show your flair to your barista with your cheeky new names for daily orders, have a bit of banter over treat choices and strategize your position in the queue to make sure you’re served by them.  What’s not to love about getting to know your coffee artist?  We’re going to call it and say that coffee is the most successful matchmaker of all time.



(i.e. the stuff we had to scrape the barrel for)

Can make you TOO excited about life

Okay, so coffee is undeniably delicious (in case you weren’t aware), so it’s only natural that we can accidentally over do it sometimes.  Ordering one too many cups because you simply can’t resist the silky smooth charm of a brew can make you pretty excited.  Tally your cup count to stay on the safe side of the energy line and steer clear of this coffee con.

You still have to drink water

Yes, coffee is hydrating and if you didn’t know, simply a combination of the good stuff and H20 plus milk, depending on your preferences.  But guys, you still have to drink water too!  Hopefully someone has told you that before now.

There’s always that one friend who claims to always know the best place to go for coffee

You know the one.  They can get pretty annoying, amiright?  So why not settle the argument once and for all by bringing them to your home and making them an Oliver and Edie brew with your own two hands?  A pretty big win if you ask us!

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